Coming soon – a new eBook, titled, The Encouraging Word – Getting Older.

You’ll see pictures and read about over a dozen seniors around the world living their lives and inspiring others to do the same.

You will find 9 specific keys on how to keep “bearing fruit and flourishing” in old age.

And there is an abundance of Scriptures specifically related to those who are getting older.

This will be very inspiring to anyone over the age of 40!






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2 thoughts on “NEW EBOOK COMING SOON!

  1. Hi Mike,
    You are so funny… “very inspiring to anyone over the age of 40”?!?! Forty is now like twenty. I feel better at 60 than I did at 40. Looking forward to reading the book though. Thanks for the giggle.
    Betty Winn

    • Betty, thanks for the comment! I wish more people had your mind set, and I hope this book will help get them there. It comes out on Tuesday. God bless you