What Is Your Standard For Truth?

Through the centuries, some have accepted the Bible as true while others have rejected it. Some misunderstand it and as a result, wrongly apply it. And there are those who, because it contradicts the way they have chosen to live their lives, simply dismiss what is written as not true.

Awhile back, someone came up with the phrase, “What would Jesus do?” The intention of the phrase was to inspire Christians to follow Christ’s example. My question is, “What did Jesus think about the written Scriptures?”

When you read the Gospels you see clearly Jesus was very familiar with the written Scriptures. He quoted from the Old Testament often. He asked those listening to him on a number occasions if they remembered what was written. And he placed a very high value on the written Scriptures, saying, “Thy Word is truth.”

On one occasion, he asked a very intriguing question. In Matthew’s Gospel, in Chapter 22, he said, “… have ye not read that which was spoken unto you by God, saying…” That is a very powerful statement! Jesus’ opinion of the written Scriptures was that it is God speaking to you!

According to Jesus Christ, the written Scriptures are not only true, but they are God speaking to you! Obviously that would mean rightly understanding what is written. The Scriptures, rightly understood, are true words that God is speaking to you. That was Jesus’ opinion of the Scriptures.

But, if the Bible, rightly understood, is not true, then what will be our standard for truth? Our own feelings and opinions? Our current culture? What someone else declares as true?

Our culture today does not promote seeking the truth. Rather, it is a self gratification culture based on feelings: If it feels good, it must be right; do it. This works for me. I believe it, so it must be true. I gotta be true to myself. Worship whatever god feels right to you, however you choose.

So much of our culture focuses on emotions and feelings, not on finding truth. And yet, Jesus said the Scriptures are God speaking to you, and it is the truth. He also said, “the truth shall make you free.”

Regardless of what anyone and everyone else decides to think and believe, I know what Jesus thought of the written Scriptures. And by taking his position, you might find yourself in the minority. But, if I want to know the truth about who God really is and find out what He has to say, then I’m willing to put aside my feelings and my preconceived ideas and acquire a right understanding of the written Scriptures.

Is the Bible really true? Some dismiss it as an old book, much of it not really relevant for our day and time. Others believe it’s a good moral book, at least the parts that don’t conflict with their own personal beliefs. I find myself with those who believe what Jesus thought of the written Scriptures: the Bible, rightly understood, is indeed the truth, and it is God speaking to you.

So, do you think it’s a good idea to ask, “What would Jesus do?” It’s really a good question. But, isn’t it also a good idea to ask, “What did Jesus think of the Scriptures?”

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2 thoughts on “IS THE BIBLE REALLY TRUE?

  1. It’s not WWJD , it’s WDJD , WHAT DID JESUS DO. There is no need to study and study day after day hour after hour. ITS ALREADY BEEN DONE . If only people would read God’s WORD (THE BIBLE ). Read and BELIEVE . I am reminded of John 14:12 , BELIEVE WDJD and take ACTION . Jesus said you could do what He did , and GREATER . I KNOE U CAN DO . MILESOFSMILES

    • Ronnie – he did all for us an now we follow in his steps! Thanks for leaving a comment, God bless you.