Mom's Are Very Special Indeed

rose - 1Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms!

You’re very, very special!

I wrote and posted the following two years ago.  And I posted it last year.

So, here I am again posting my simple little tribute to moms. If you like it, share it with a mom.


Some governments use the word “ministry” to describe various functions, like ministry of finance, or ministry of education. The word “ministry” means service. Therefore, the minister of education would be one who serves the country with regards to education.

I believe being a mom


What Is Your Standard For Truth?

Through the centuries, some have accepted the Bible as true while others have rejected it. Some misunderstand it and as a result, wrongly apply it. And there are those who, because it contradicts the way they have chosen to live their lives, simply dismiss what is written as not true.

Awhile back, someone came up with the phrase, “What would Jesus do?” The intention of the phrase was to inspire Christians to follow Christ’s example. My question is, “What did Jesus think about the written Scriptures?”

When you read the Gospels you see clearly Jesus was very familiar with


Jesus Christ Is Risen!

This coming Sunday believers around the world joyfully remember and celebrate the keystone of Christianity: the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God!

Before he died, Jesus cried out, “It Is Finished!”  Then, after three days and three nights, God Almighty raised him from the dead and the angel declared, “He Is Risen!”  

Below, is an article, a video, and two short podcasts, previously posted on this blog.

Was It A Lie?
An article about a lie that’s been around for centuries.  In fact, it is the biggest lie ever told!

How Brutal Was It?   (Video)
A short video with three different versions of Isaiah 52:14, a verse that graphically prophesied the results of the extreme physical punishment the Messiah would endure for all of mankind.

The Women Found Out First   (Eastern Eye Podcast)
A short 7 minute podcast about a very unique, and mostly overlooked point concerning the resurrection of Jesus Christ, that almost no one mentions.

3 Words   (Podcast)
A short podcast (under 7 minutes) about 3 words spoken on two different occasions.

He Is Coming Back!


An Article By Roger Braker

[The following article, reprinted by permission, is from Roger Braker’s Blog: The Prosperous Life. Roger is the author of, Poverty Vs Wealth]

President Trump’s new Secretary of Education, Ms. Betsy DeVos is proposing school choice and vouchers and is not opposed to homeschooling. She has helped keep school choice in the news.
About 35 years ago Sharon and I began to entertain the idea of teaching our children at home.   I was listening to Paul Harvey one day and he said, “The federal government estimates that there are about 100,000 families in the United States that teach their children at home rather than sending them to a public or private school.”  I thought, “WOW; I could get interested in that very quickly.”  And thus began our journey.

I asked everyone I saw about this idea of homeschooling and kept coming up with blanks until one lady said:


A New E World Is Coming!

We live in an E-world, don’t we? “E” of course stands for the word “electronic.” So many things today are accomplished electronically, thanks to the Internet.

Sending a letter to someone that could take days to reach their physical mail box has almost been completely replaced with email, which takes seconds to arrive in someone’s email box. Many have tossed their fax machine and opted to use e-fax in its place.

Instead of going to the bank to transfer money, we can do it electronically by way of EFT – electronic funds transfer. Once it is set up online with your bank, a few clicks and the money magically moves from your account to theirs.

Legal documents needing a signature are so easy now. When we refinanced our home, all the preliminary documents came via email. I printed them, signed them, scanned them, and then emailed them back.

What about shopping online? E-commerce is big business. Billions of dollars are spent every year as people purchase items electronically from their computer. And eBay lets just about anyone sell their stuff online.

A number of companies have even adopted the “e” into their name to attract attention, like E-Trade, E-Polymers, and E-Ventures, to name a few. (Some might argue that Chuck was the first to proximately use the letter “E” in a business name. You know, Chuck E. Cheese, but that’s another story altogether.)

In The Cloud?

So where exactly is all this electronic information stored? The common answer is, “the Cloud,” which is a colloquial expression used to describe a variety of different types of computing concepts that involve a large number of computers connected through a real-time communication network. Simply put, there’s a lot of information stored on massive servers, e-storage if you like, referred to as, “the cloud.”

We live in an E-world. There’s no doubt about it. All that information is stored in some “cloud” somewhere, but, this e-world life of ours is still temporary.

A New E-world Is Coming!

There is a new life coming. It will be an “E” too – eternal life! There’s a day coming when we’ll be all done with emails and e-filings, and instead, born again ones will meet our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, face to face! And that great meeting will take place in the literal clouds!

So, as nice and as handy as all this e-stuff is, I’m really looking forward to the new “E-Life:” eternal Life and meeting my lord and savior face to face. How about you? E-nuff said.


Spring Training In My Town Reminds Me Of Yogi

yogiSpring season baseball is here in my state as half of the teams of Major League Baseball come to the Phoenix area each spring to play Cactus League exhibition games. I’m a big fan of New York Yankees veteran, Yogi Berra.

There are many funny and downright witty quotes of his, like, “The future ain’t what it used to be,” and, “It gets late early out here.” His phrases have become known as “Yogi-isms.”

One of my favorites is, “It ain’t over ‘till it’s over.” While he was referring to a baseball game, I relate that phrase to


What Is True And What Is Not?

In the political arena, there’s a lot of talk bantered about these days here in the United States regarding the so called mainstream media promoting “fake news.” Stories presented by information outlets, some say are not true, are referred to as “fake news.” Those then hearing the “fake news” are led to believe something is true when it is not. If a story is indeed “fake news,” then simply stated, a lie is being promoted.

On the other hand, in the spiritual arena,


He's Always Listening!

Have you ever called to talk to someone only to hear their recorded message? When that happens, we often leave a message, a voicemail. Hopefully they’ll return our call so we can talk to them directly.

Wouldn’t it be awful if when we prayed to God, we heard back by way of a recording? “Hi, this is God; sorry I can’t answer your call at this time, but if you leave Me a message, I’ll get back to you.” Imagine how shocking that would be!

People sometimes don’t answer their phones for a variety of reasons. They may be busy and not answering any calls; they may be screening their calls, choosing which ones to answer; they may in fact be on the phone talking to someone else. They might even have their phone turned off.

On the other hand, God has told us in His Word that His ears are always open to our prayers. That clearly tells us two things. First, God has the ability to hear our prayers, even if we all decided to pray at the same time. God is that almighty to be able to do that!

Secondly, He is willing to have His ears open to our prayers. He chooses to always be listening. He’s never too busy. He never “screens” our prayers. We never have to leave a recorded message that He might listen to later, and, He never puts us on hold.  He is always there and always listening.

Keeping those things in mind when you pray can really enrich your time in talking to your heavenly Father. They also serve to remind us to spend some quiet time listening for His answer, expecting to hear back from Him.

So, the next time to pray, aren’t you glad God doesn’t have a cell phone?


A Weekend In The PNW

Winter Advance 2017
This past weekend we were in the beautiful PNW (Pacific Northwest) for the annual, Winter Advance. A new location this year: Ross Point Camp and Conference Center, in Post Falls, Idaho, just across the border from Spokane, Washington. A gorgeous location and a refreshing weekend with folks from near and far. dozens and dozens of folks coming in from 6 or 7 states.

The teachings focused on our theme: Reverence for God. Proverbs 1 says, The fear [reverence] of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.”

It is so very right, fitting, proper, and should really go without saying, that the Creator of the heavens and the earth deserves our reverence. Recognition. Praise. Glory. Thanksgiving. Service. Obedience. Love.

I think we all left with a greater understanding, appreciation, reverence, and commitment to and for our wonderful loving God and Father. I know I did!

And by the way, we were all cozy and warm under a blanket of snow!


Our Brains Cannot Conceive The Greatness Of God

earthMost people have heard the first verse of the Bible: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”

Our earth is enormous, nearly 25,000 miles in equatorial circumference. The resources on this planet are vast. Plants and vegetation, along with fish and animals all abound in variety. Not to mention the billions of human beings all over this world.

But how do you even begin to compare the earth with the heavens? How big are the heavens? God created the HEAVENS, and also this little thing over here called Earth.

How Big And How Far?

Okay, so from our point of view