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Recently someone I’ve not talked to for quite awhile called to talk to me about current economic conditions. Wow! That’s a big topic!

Our discussion involved not only economic situations in our country, but also some issues on the political scene as well! Whew! Needless to say it was not a very inspiring and invigorating discussion up to that point.

Our conversation then turned to the promises of God. We’re not oblivious to what’s going on around us, but regardless of current conditions, God’s promises to us personally are still true. In the good times, and in the not so good times, we still look to Him as our Provider, Helper, Healer, and Protector.

We were reminded of dire situations in the Bible where God helped and provided, like the woman and her son who were about to die because of a famine, or the widow who was about to lose her sons to the creditors because of her debt. God’s deliverance is very inspiring!

While there are many records in the Bible of God bringing great deliverance to a group of people, a city, or even a nation, there are also many records of His delivering power to individuals. And when you consider the results in those records, along with the promises He has made to us, and accept those promises, it not only brings great encouragement but also expectation of His help to us individually.

When it comes to the promises from God, written to us in the Bible, there are no disclaimers, no “void where prohibited,” no “limited time offers,” no “certain exclusions apply.” Nope! His promises are written so that we can choose to accept and believe them, and when we do, He is faithful to bring His Word to pass in our lives.

The phone conversation ended on a high note, a very high note. No matter what conditions may surround us, or what situations we find ourselves in, our God is still a very present help in time of need. We can choose to accept and believe His promises.

Mike Verdicchio

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