Do You Really Think You’re Gonna Live Forever?

Every year people spend billions of dollars to look younger, stay healthier, and live longer. Most people want to live a long life. I want to be around to hang out with my grandchildren, in fact, I want to dance at their weddings!

If people spend billions of dollars to “live longer,” what might they pay to live forever? Living forever to some may just be a fairy tale, or science fiction. But, it is not only God’s desire for all human beings to live forever, but He came up with a way to pull it off!

All of God’s creation is marvelous: the flowers and the trees, the animals and the bees. And lots of people devote their lives to saving various endangered animals and plant life. But of all of God’s great creation, His priority, and great love, is directed to human beings; He wants each one of us to live forever!

His Plan

Isn’t it interesting God’s plan for human beings to live forever is summed up in the most popular verse of the Bible? John 3:16. Many know it by heart.

God devised a plan to invite anyone to access eternal life! On top of that, instead of requiring us to work or be good enough to get it, He offers every human being eternal life as a gift. A free gift!

Three Promises

As promised, God sent His Son, who in turn carried out His Father’s plan of redemption for mankind, by giving his life for the sins of the world. Then, again, as promised, God raised His Son from the dead, to die no more.

For those who accept the Lord Jesus as the Christ, the Son of God, lord of all men, and, believe that God truly did raise him from the dead, there is yet another promise: God will send His Son back to gather together those who have believed in His Son.

When Christ returns, all those who have accepted him, including those who have died, as well as those who are alive, will meet the resurrected Christ in the clouds, receiving a body fashioned like Christ’s resurrected body, and will live forever! It’s not fantasy; it’s no fairy tale; it’s not science fiction!  It is reality!

What a thrill it will be to meet Jesus Christ face to face! What joy it will be to once again see our loved ones who have died.

Exciting! Overwhelming! Astounding! Mind Blowing!

It is certainly exciting and even overwhelming to think about living forever. And it is astounding to realize there is a way to obtain eternal life. But isn’t it just mind blowing to think God would offer it to us as a free gift? Of all of God’s wonderful creation, His loving desire is for human beings to live forever!

With that kind of love, which is way beyond our comprehension, how is it then that God has been so disrespected, ignored, and even blamed for evil? Why do some worship and serve His creation instead of Him? Sadly, it is either ignorance, or willful rejection.

And yet, God’s offer is still on the table. And, really, can you think of anything greater than having eternal life? There is nothing greater any human being could ever attain. And God has offered it as a free gift to those who accept and believe in His Son, Jesus Christ.

And so, yes, I do believe I am going to live forever!

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