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These 250 inspiring Pep Talks, written and recorded by Mike Verdicchio, are based on truths and principles Christians will easily recognize. Most carry those same timeless truths and principles communicated by Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohm, John Maxwell, Andy Andrews, Tony Robbins and many others.

Let Mike give you a boost, some encouragement, some inspiration, a mindset in the right direction for your life!  Let Mike give you a Pep Talk today!  Everybody needs a Pep Talk once in awhile!

“Everyone, including me, needs a Pep Talk once in awhile, and especially so if you are struggling and living life with little or no self confidence and just accepting it!

If the Bible is right, and I truly believe it is, then you are a child of God! God is your Father and He wants your life to be successful in every category!

These short audio Pep Talks will not only show you, very simply, how to be successful in life, but they will also give you the inspiration you need to stay on course!”  Mike Verdicchio

Volume I – Mike’s Pep Talks For Christians Volume I
In Pep Talks for Christians Volume I, you’ll see why success really is for Christians; you’ll learn how to let go of the past and get rid of the guilt; you will discover why it is so critical who you think you really are.

In these Pep Talks for Christians Volume I, you will hear some great keys and principles on receiving God’s prosperity into your life; you’ll see how what you accept as true plays a vital part in your success as a Christian; they will show you how simple it is to have the right attitude for success! They can add a whole new dimension to your prayer life! Pep Talks for Christians Volume I is loaded with powerful biblically based keys and principles that will show you how to live your Christian life with meaning and purpose.
Volume II – Mike’s Pep Talks for Christians Volume II
Like Pep Talks for Christians Volume I, Pep Talks for Christians Volume II is loaded with powerful biblical truths, keys, and principles that successful Christians use all the time. In this set you’re going to learn how to get rid of your fears; you will see how to stay focused on the “good news;” you’ll see why being a successful Christian you have to understand the important difference between reality and facts.

In Pep Talks for Christians Volume II, you’ll going to learn what to do when you keep getting the same results; you’ll learn about asking and receiving from God; you’re going to see just how much ability you really have! In Pep Talks for Christians Volume II, you are going to discover some great gems that will help you to be the successful Christian you have always wanted to be.
Volume III – Mike’s Pep Talks for Christian Dads
This powerful set of Pep Talks for Christian Dads has some great keys and principles that you can easily apply to all areas of your life, including your relationship with God, your marriage, your children, your job, and your finances.

Pep Talks for Christian Dads will show you how to get rid of the lack in your life; you’re going to find out the most important investment that you can make in order to be a successful Christian dad. In these Pep talks for Christian Dads, you will find out that God wants to give you the desires of your heart; you’ll see how to get where you desire to go even if you’re not even close yet. In Pep Talks for Christian Dads you will find out what your self worth is really based on, and a whole lot more!
Volume IV – Mike’s Pep Talks for Christian Salespeople
In this set of Pep Talks for Christian Salespeople, you are going to hear powerful biblically based truths, principles and keys that you can easily apply that can drastically increase your sales! You’ll learn how your success in sales as a Christian is determined by what you believe; you’ll see how to coordinate what you think, say, and do to produce more sales.

In Pep Talks for Christian Salespeople, you’ll learn one of life’s biggest secrets, that few know, that will determine your success or failure; you’ll understand some great tips on using the brain God gave you; you’ll discover that as a Christian salesperson you already have the greatest connection in the world! And, there’s a whole lot more! Why shouldn’t Christian salespeople be as successful and even more than non Christians salespeople? You ought to, and you can!
Volume V – Mike’s Pep Talks for Self Employed Christians (or those who want to be!)
This dynamic set of Pep Talks for Self Employed Christians will show you biblically based truths, keys and principles that can really help you to have a successful self employed business. Pep Talks for Self Employed Christians is also perfect for those Christians considering becoming self employed. You’ll find out if you are destined for success or not; you will clearly see that God has unlimited resources for you, and how to tap into them; you’ll learn how to clearly see where you desire to go so that you can get there!

In Pep Talks for Self Employed Christians, you’ll learn the difference between, “I can” and “I will;” you’ll see clearly that your success as a self employed Christian is based on how you see yourself; and a whole lot more!

What Others Are Saying About Mike’s Pep Talks:

The Pep Talks are great! That first one was worth the price. Very inspirational! Thanks,
– Dave.

The pep talks are totally awesome.
– Karla

Mike: My family and I have made this a part of our start in the morning before school and work.
Good stuff. God Bless.
– Joe

These are grrreat! Thanks!
– Rosa

Hi Mike,
Thanks for the great start to my day.
– Stacy

They are excellent and have been a great blessing. Several of the talks addressed issues that were exactly what I needed to hear about at the time.
– John

The talks have been a tremendous blessing for both of us each day.
– Robert & Janis

They are indeed great and a great blessing.
– Daniel

Have been enjoying your talks everyday. Thank you!
– Lori

Each Pep Talk is 3-5 minutes.  You get all 250 of them.  That’s over 15 hours of Pep Talks!

To easily find or re-listen to a specific Pep Talk, your flash drive will have Mike’s Pep Talks divided into 5 volumes, labeled as, V I,  V II,  V III,  V IV, and,  V V.

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