I Was There

October 28, 2001, it was Game 2 of the World Series – Yankees and Diamondbacks in Phoenix.

My son and I were at that game.  A special treat before the game: Ray Charles, at home plate, singing, “America The Beautiful.”  Even though the D-backs won the game, and we watched Matt Williams hit a 3 run homer, the highlight for me was watching Ray.

Next week the USA celebrates 241 years of independence.  God has shed His grace on this country.


To Dad's Everywhere - Happy Father's Day!

A shout of congratulations to all men who work diligently and tirelessly to be a good father, whether a biological father, a stepfather, or a spiritual father.

This Sunday, June 18, is Father’s Day. My dad is not alive, so, I can’t give him any personal praise or recognition, or even say, “Thanks. Dad; I love you. ”  But, I’m sure many dads will hear that from their children. And, as a dad,


Does Everything Really Happen For A Reason?

I was recently involved in a little “fender bender.” Actually, it was the rear bumper on my truck, and it was only slightly damaged. But, I can absolutely assure you, it happened for a reason.

There are people who believe everything happens for a reason. Some go as far as to say that everything that happens is “meant to be.” Others go even further, believing that God has a reason for everything that happens.

Does Everything Really Happen For A Reason?

Yes, of course, everything happens for a reason because of the Law of Cause and Effect. The result is the effect, and the reason it happens is the cause. So everything does happen for a reason. But to say that everything that happens is “meant to be,” or


The Lost Significance Of Pentecost

There are a number of popular celebrations on the Church calendar. The biggest and most popular of course, is Christmas. People understand they are celebrating the birth of Christ. This Sunday, June 4th, is Pentecost, but many wonder what it’s really all about.

When it comes to Pentecost, what exactly are we remembering? We hear that it’s all about commemorating the descent of the holy spirit upon the Apostles. That event, along with details of what followed is recorded in Acts Chapter 2.

But was that original Day of Pentecost of even greater importance and significance than the birth of Christ? Is it possible it was


They Paid The Ultimate Price

This is Memorial Day Weekend for those living here in the United States. There are 3 very moving videos below that do an excellent job of putting this remembrance into perspective.

Formerly known as, “Decoration Day,” Memorial Day commemorates men and women who died while in military service to the United States. It began as a way to honor Union and Confederate soldiers following the American Civil War. Later, it was extended, after World War I, to honor American military who died in all wars.

There will be barbecues, visiting friends, road trips, big “sales,” Major League baseball games, Stanley Cup Finals, and of course, the Indy 500. Some people even have a longer than usual weekend, as they get Monday, Memorial Day, off from work.

Here in the United States, we ought to take a little time this weekend to pause and remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice so we could have freedom. We can also pause and thank God for the freedom we still have, freedom that has been given to us at such a very high price.

If you don’t live here in the United States, take some time this weekend to pause and remember those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for your country.

And, regardless of where we live, we all need to keep praying to God for our country.


An Article by Roger Braker

[The following article, Part II, reprinted by permission, is from Roger Braker’s Blog: The Prosperous Life. Roger is the author of, Poverty Vs Wealth  At the end of this article, there is a link to Part III for those who are interested in this vital topic. Last month, I posted Part I ]

Homeschooling: The Stepchild of Education Part II

Quite a few years ago my oldest daughter got her first job at a SONIC restaurant. After about two weeks, she came home one night and said, “I now understand why you homeschooled us. All the kids at work smoke, drink, have sex and half the girls are pregnant.”

But let me back up a bit. There are many concerns that people have about homeschooling. Here are some


Mom's Are Very Special Indeed

rose - 1Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms!

You’re very, very special!

I wrote and posted the following two years ago.  And I posted it last year.

So, here I am again posting my simple little tribute to moms. If you like it, share it with a mom.


Some governments use the word “ministry” to describe various functions, like ministry of finance, or ministry of education. The word “ministry” means service. Therefore, the minister of education would be one who serves the country with regards to education.

I believe being a mom


What Is Your Standard For Truth?

Through the centuries, some have accepted the Bible as true while others have rejected it. Some misunderstand it and as a result, wrongly apply it. And there are those who, because it contradicts the way they have chosen to live their lives, simply dismiss what is written as not true.

Awhile back, someone came up with the phrase, “What would Jesus do?” The intention of the phrase was to inspire Christians to follow Christ’s example. My question is, “What did Jesus think about the written Scriptures?”

When you read the Gospels you see clearly Jesus was very familiar with


Another Song From Casting Crowns

Oh My Soul is another song from, Casting Crowns. The lyrics are on the video.

This song is especially encouraging when going through a tough time.


Jesus Christ Is Risen!

This coming Sunday believers around the world joyfully remember and celebrate the keystone of Christianity: the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God!

Before he died, Jesus cried out, “It Is Finished!”  Then, after three days and three nights, God Almighty raised him from the dead and the angel declared, “He Is Risen!”  

Below, is an article, a video, and two short podcasts, previously posted on this blog.

Was It A Lie?
An article about a lie that’s been around for centuries.  In fact, it is the biggest lie ever told!

How Brutal Was It?   (Video)
A short video with three different versions of Isaiah 52:14, a verse that graphically prophesied the results of the extreme physical punishment the Messiah would endure for all of mankind.

The Women Found Out First   (Eastern Eye Podcast)
A short 7 minute podcast about a very unique, and mostly overlooked point concerning the resurrection of Jesus Christ, that almost no one mentions.

3 Words   (Podcast)
A short podcast (under 7 minutes) about 3 words spoken on two different occasions.

He Is Coming Back!