The Eastern Eye

Why Is This Called, “The Eastern Eye?”

The Bible is an “Eastern” book.  It was written many years ago in the “East” which today we refer to as “The Middle East.”  As such, there are many customs and idioms that are not familiar to the “Western” mind.

The same would be true in reverse.  Perhaps there are parts of the world that would not understand it if they read something in a book that said, “He threw some hot dogs on the grill.”  We would understand it, but they may be a bit puzzled and wonder what kind of “dogs” were thrown, what is a “grill,” and exactly what does it mean?

So, once you see and understand the meaning from the life and times of the Bible, and that culture, it opens up many passages to their rich meaning.  I will be posting interesting, exciting, and very informative articles on understanding certain passages of Scripture.

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11 thoughts on “The Eastern Eye

  1. Wow, I am happy about all the teaching in “the eastern eye”. I was looking information for the covenant of salt and found this page. I have been trying to find information about Bishop Pillai, but what I found in amazon is overpriced. Do you know where I can find some mp3 teachings of Bishop Pillai? Thanks and be blessed in the name of Yeshua.

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment, Joshua.
    You are right, the books by Bishop Pillai are very overpriced.
    Under the “About” tab, click on “Contact” and send me a personal message and I will tell you how to get many mp3 teachings by Bishop Pillai.
    God bless you,