Are You Searching For Truth Or For Something That Just Feels Good?

Truth is truth regardless of who speaks it. An evil person or a good person could each declare the earth orbits the sun. They would both be correct.

Truth is truth whether anyone believes it or not. Someone who believes the earth orbits the sun does not make it true. Someone who doesn’t believe the earth orbits the sun does not make it untrue.

Are Your Beliefs Based On What Is True? What? 

Ask that question to a thousand people and I doubt anyone would answer, “Oh, no; my beliefs are based on things that are not true.” We all believe what we think is true.  But is it?

When it comes to the earth orbiting around the sun, that’s easy. But what about deeper matters of much greater significance, like eternal life, for example? Is what I believe really true? How about you? Are we sure?

It Doesn’t Really Matter What You Believe; Or, Does It?

I could get all philosophical and mystical and propound that whatever you personally believe as true, is true for you, and therefore, for you, it is the truth. Some hold that belief concerning “spiritual” matters.  But, if someone really believes the sun orbits the earth, who would really agree that belief was truth?

Speaking of the sun, for centuries people have worshiped the creation instead of the Creator, thinking, or, “believing” they were worshiping the One True God; it’s nothing new. But all of the heavens, and the Earth, are not the Creator, but rather the results of the Creator.  If a contractor builds a beautiful house, one doesn’t usually praise the house itself for it’s beauty; that praise goes to the contractor, right?

But today there is no lack of “gurus” promoting  all sorts of astrological religions, as well as metaphysical, mind freeing, soul releasing, inner peace, inner light, etc. There wouldn’t be such a demanding market for those, and other related topics if people weren’t searching! But there’s a very big difference between searching for truth, and, searching for something that makes one feel comfortable, or that agrees with what they already feel is right for them.

I Was Searching And Searching

I remember my days of searching for truth; searching for God. I believed He existed, but I just could not understand or connect with Him, not in church or the seminary. I read this book and that book; no real help. I listened to religious shows on the radio; no real help.

As a last resort, just in case there was some sort of heavenly reckoning day, I decided to read the Bible, for the sole purpose of being able to score some points for that time of judgment; at least I could say, “I read it!”  But I could not understand it, and abandoned that as well.

Some years later, Bible study helped feed my hunger to know God. And still today, from getting an accurate understanding of the Bible, that hunger continues to be filled. The freedom in seeing and recognizing the truth was, and still is, exactly what Jesus said it would be. “The truth shall make you free!”

What Is Your Standard For truth?

For me, the Bible, rightly understood, is the standard for truth. Think about that statement for just a moment.  If the Bible is not the standard for truth, then what is?

I know for some, that position poses a problem. If the Bible speaks differently than what someone else believes is true, then they often dismiss the Bible as untrue. But then, what will be their standard for truth and how will they really know it is truth?

Is That Really A Pound Of Apples?

In the grocery store if you pick up what you think is a pound of apples, but it actually weighs one and half pounds, you will have to pay for one and a half pounds regardless if it only feels like one pound to you. If you need a one foot piece of lumber but try to use an eight inch piece, because the eight inch piece just seems right to you, it is not going to work out.

In every other field of life there are standards we use to determine whether something is accurate or not. There are scales for weighing and measuring devices for distance. Why should there not be a standard for truth in spiritual matters? Aren’t spiritual matters more important than a pound of apples?

Truth will always make you free, but truth has nothing to do with feelings.  Something is not true just because it makes you feel good. Plenty of people have felt really good purchasing what they thought was an original painting only to discover later it was actually a counterfeit. If what you find in searching for truth is not really truth, no matter how good you may feel, you have been deceived.

A good counterfeit is something very close to the genuine, otherwise it would deceive no one. A white piece of paper with, “$20.00” typed on it would never pass for a twenty dollar bill! But, on the other hand, a really good counterfeit twenty dollar bill would fool most of us.

When it comes to searching for truth concerning spiritual matters, in order to not get fooled, we need an accurate understanding of God’s Word, the Bible. Jesus said that God’s Word is truth, and, that the truth will make you free. If someone is truly searching for truth, they will find it in an accurate understanding of God’s Word.

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