He Is Risen!

This coming Sunday believers around the world celebrate the cornerstone of Christianity: the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

This week leading up to Easter 2016, I have a video, a podcast, and a couple of articles fromprevious posts from this blog.

He is risen!  

How Brutal Was It?   (Video)
A short video with three different versions of Isaiah 52:14, a verse that graphically prophesied the extreme physical punishment that Jesus would endure for all of mankind.

Was It A Lie?
An article about a lie that has been going around for centuries.  It is the biggest lie ever told.

The Women Found Out First   (Eastern Eye Podcast)
A podcast about a very unique point concerning the resurrection of Jesus Christ, that almost no one mentions.

3 Words   (Podcast)
A podcast about 3 words spoken on two different occasions.

He is coming back!

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