What Will They Say About You When You’re Gone?

I was watching a short video recently where the speaker encouraged the viewers to write their own eulogy, now! Writing your own eulogy might sound pretty odd. But let me explain.

We’ve all heard eulogies read at memorial or funeral services. The word “eulogy” comes from a Greek word meaning, “to praise.” And so, at those services, it is customary to say nice things about the person’s life: their achievements, accomplishments, and contributions.

I have on a number of occasions been asked to deliver eulogies. These events are never pleasant, but the kind words said about the person no longer with us are quite appropriate. And it goes without saying that all those attending these kinds of services are reminded of their own mortality.

Write Your Own Eulogy?

The video I mentioned above was a short motivational video by Darren Hardy. He related an incident from many years ago where he delivered a eulogy. However, the person he was there to esteem led a very quiet and reserved life, and there was almost nothing for him to say at that small funeral.

That incident made quite an impression on Darren, so in the video he posed the question of, “what will people say at your service?” What will you be remembered for? He then encouraged his viewers to write their own eulogy, now!

Now that might sound like an extreme way to do goal setting, and maybe it is. But it caused me to think about how I’d like to be remembered. But way more importantly, it made me think about what I want my life to be right now, today!

I Am Not Writing My Own Eulogy

I’m not actually putting to paper the words to be read about me. That would be sort of preposterous to have a paper in my desk waiting for that time. But that short video did help me think about how I’m living my life today, and where I can improve.

Like many Christians, I want to exemplify basic principles: love, kindness, forgiveness, compassion, empathy. Jesus said to let your light so shine among men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven. Certainly that kind of living is not out of duty, but rather from gratitude for all God has done for us.

I want to continue, and improve, to the best I am able, to help and encourage others in any way that I can. This blog, along with a number of other assorted venues, helps to facilitate that goal and life purpose. My life is mine, but my life is not about me.

And when this life is over, someone may indeed utter some kind words about me, but I won’t hear them. So, I’m gonna just do my best to live my life now, having a positive impact on others, whether that comes from teaching the Bible, the secular radio show about kindness, this blog, or just an encouraging word to someone.

How About You?

Every person, regardless of who they are, or what they do, can have a positive impact on others. Sometimes, even the smallest act of love or kindness can have a dynamic effect! Every one of us can always, in one way or another, reach out to someone and lift them up.

And whether or not you ever get a thank you, or even nice words at your own eulogy, it really doesn’t matter, because God Almighty is keeping score. He has promised to reward us for the good we do in this life.

Those who choose to believe in Jesus will receive eternal life, and they will be rewarded for the good they have done, when Christ returns. So, why not let your light shine…as brightly as you can!

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