A God Of Convenience

I believe God can and does work differently with different people.  I didn’t say, “mysteriously.” God cannot and does not ever do anything that contradicts His own written Word.

In talking to people over the years I have discovered there are some who have created their own God.  In other words, they believe in a God of their own choosing and making. They have decided who He is and what He does.

I have heard phrases like, “God understands me and how I live my life, and I know He’s okay with that.” “I have my own personal religion.”  “I believe God in my own way.”

Phrases like that don’t indicate discovering the One True God of the Bible, but rather indicate a self-designed entity that conveniently fits one’s own lifestyle.  Isn’t that kind of like the creation creating its own creator?

First of all, God Almighty has clearly revealed who He is in the Scriptures.  Jesus Christ declared that the Word of God is truth.  God’s Word, the Bible, is the standard for truth.

If someone sincerely or even religiously proclaims something that contradicts what the Bible says, how can what they say be the truth?  Truth is truth and it stands on its own. Not believing the truth does not change the truth.

Let’s Weigh The Facts

Suppose I select four pounds of apples at the grocery store. When I go through the checkout lane, the cashier picks them up, holds them for a minute, and says, “This feels like five pounds to me.”  Would I just agree and pay, or would we need a standard to get the truthful weight?

Of course we would weigh the apples.  It doesn’t matter what the cashier felt about it, or even what the apples looked like.  There is a standard for weights and measurements.

If you need to purchase a twelve foot rope and someone says, “Here, take this; it looks like twelve feet to me,” do you just accept that?  Well of course not.  We use the tape measure, because it’s the standard for measurements of inches and feet.

The analogies are almost endless.  Every day we are involved in and accept things where there is a standard for what is right and what is truthful.  But for some, when it comes to God Almighty, the Creator, they think it’s perfectly okay to come up with their own standard for Him.

Just because someone disbelieves the truth, that does not change the truth, does it?
When almost everyone believed the world was flat, did that change the shape of Earth?  Of course not. Some do not believe Jesus is God’s Son, but the truth is that he is indeed God’s Son.

What’s Your Standard?

If there is no standard for truth, then how can anyone ever know what is true or not true?  Many people decide what is true for them without using God’s Word as the standard for truth. They determine what is truth and who God is according to what seems right to them; they create their own God of convenience.  In doing so, they have thus become their own standard for truth.

That is not a very good place to end up because they have put their own intellect above the Creator. God in the Bible says, “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.”   To think that what the Creator stated in His Word is not right, but instead you are, is placing yourself above God Almighty.

Simple Solution?

Rightly understood, the Bible is the Word of God, so why not accept it?  Why not do your best to understand what is written and then simply believe it? Cultures change, but truth does not change; Earth is still round.

I may not understand every single verse in the Bible, but I choose to accept it as the words of God to mankind.  For me, it is the Truth, period.  It is my scale and my tape measure.

Mike Verdicchio

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