Are We Supposed To Just Keep Loving People Even When They Hurt Us?

broken heart

In 1971, I played the top 20 hit, Walk a Mile in My Shoes, by Joe South, many times on my radio show.  In the chorus, Joe sings, “Walk a mile in my shoes, walk a mile in my shoes; oh, before you abuse, criticize and accuse, walk a mile in my shoes.”

When our kids were in school, I told them often, “Don’t be so quick to judge other kids that have an attitude problem.  You don’t know what their home life is like; you don’t know what they are going through. Be loving and kind.”

I try to live my life aware that I don’t always understand why people act the way they do; I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. Lord knows I’m not perfect, but I do my best to demonstrate God’s love and perhaps you do the same.

If you do, you know what it’s like when you’ve extended love over and over and over for a long period of time, only to be accused and criticized.  

Sometimes you just gotta leave it all behind. This is a cool video from the group, Casting Crowns, called, The Well.

It’s from their album,  Come To The Well.

I think it’s inspiriting – what do you think?  If you like it, share it!


Your Opinion Of Rich People Might Mean You Don’t Need Your Bible Anymore!

I’ve spent time with very poor people, very rich people, and everybody in between.  Most of the wealthy people I’ve encountered personally do not fit the general description or common opinions.

How many times do we hear phrases like, “dirty rich people,” filthy rich,” greedy rich,”  etc.?  There are many who think if someone has wealth, they obtained their riches dishonestly, and they are evil, sinful people.  But is that also true of all the wealthy people in the Bible?


What I Saw In Proverbs 3

proverbs 3 phone
I thought it was a good plan since I had not read the whole book of Proverbs in quite awhile.  But reading a chapter a day did not work. It came to an abrupt halt at Chapter 3.

Day One, Chapter One: I enjoyed reading from the KJV, the NIV, and RSV.  My mobile Bible app makes it very easy to read other versions. On day two, I read Chapter Two: very enjoyable. But then, on Day Three, I had to put the brakes on; I had to stop my plan because of what I saw!

Alan Jackson first performed this song, November 7, 2001, barely two months after 9/11, at the CMA Awards.  Ten years later, he talked about how he came to write the song.

For me, it’s just as inspiring today as it was 14 years ago.  Is it for you tooanim-waving-usa-flag


Gravy is gravy and truth is truth

brooklyn lI remember my first day after moving to Brooklyn, New York asking someone for directions.  They said, “Go three blocks and turn left at the “L” and…” I interrupted, “L Street?”  “No, turn left at the “L.”  “The “L?” I asked, very puzzled.

His irritated response was, “Where are you from?”  No, I wasn’t a native and had no idea what the “L” was.  However, I learned quickly that, “L,” actually meant

God Gave Us A Choice

Why did He make us this way?

I remember watching an episode of Dog Whisperer where a lady told Cesar Millan what she said to her dog when it misbehaved.  It was a very long sentence, threatening to take him to the pound if he ever did it again.  Cesar looked at her and said, “And you really think he understood that?”

There’s a verse in Psalm 139 that talks about how we are fearfully and wonderfully made.  It is not our brain size that distinguishes us from all the animals.  While they may be really cool creatures, there are obviously many striking differences.

Here are just a few:


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What does the Bible really say about money?

coinsAn honest look into any topic in the Scriptures requires one to search out and investigate every scripture pertaining to that topic. Since the scriptures are God’s Word, there can be no contradictions; all verses on the topic need to fit together. Those that seem to be difficult to understand and may appear to be contradictory must be understood in light of the clearer ones and not vice versa.

The problem so many times is that most people do not want to put forth the effort required to examine every verse on a particular topic. When it comes to money, wealth, riches and prosperity, the Bible has a lot to say. There are literally hundreds of verses one should consider.

What Does The Bible Really Say?