A Short Podcast From 2012 With 2 Really Big Keys In Receiving More Of God's Favor

Have you got about 7 minutes?

In August of 2012, I recorded and posted a podcast about receiving more of God’s favor. I share what I believe are the 2 biggest keys in receiving more of God’s favor.

I’m re-posting it here today.

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“What Kind of Christian Am I?”

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Another podcast from Mike

There are two extremes.  What kind of Christian am I?  What kind are you? This short podcast [7:33 ] is not critical or judgmental.  Just what do people see and think when they see me; when they see you?  Enjoy the podcast and leave a comment.

Easter 2015


On a Sunday morning. over 2,000 years ago, an angel uttered three words that continue to reverberate to this day: He Is Risen!  

This coming Sunday believers around the world celebrate the cornerstone of Christianity: the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God!

For this week leading up to Easter 2015, I have some 

Bringing Grace To The Mission

phx rescue mission

Last Saturday I again had the privilege of teaching at the Phoenix Rescue Mission.  I’ve been going there on the 5th Saturday of the month for nearly ten years.  I’m posting what I taught: “The Grace of God.”

In order to demonstrate to the guys just how big God’s grace really is, I shared with them about a very evil religious terrorist! In listening to this podcast (33:35), I think you too will see

A Psalm For Thanksgiving

cornacopiaI have something a little different for you this year for Thanksgiving. In addition to a number of links to past Thanksgiving Day posts, I have recorded Psalm 118, and added some background music. (Links and audio player are below)

The psalmist expresses his praise and gratitude to God. From reading it, we Bible fans can certainly see his heart toward God, and at the same time, be inspired to show our own praise and thanks to our loving God.

David and others who wrote the psalms were human beings, just like us. They had

Who’s Your Daddy and What Does He Do?

It’s Another Podcast!

Yesterday was, “Father’s Day.”

Today’s short podcast (11:00) is about, “Who’s your daddy and what does he do?” You might remember that line from the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, Kindergarten Cop. (I’ll play that cllip in the podcast.)

In gospel of John there’s a pretty intense discussion about, “Who’s your daddy,” between

Easter 2014

It was on a Sunday morning. over 2,000 years ago, when an angel uttered those three words: He Is Risen!  

This coming Sunday believers around the world celebrate the cornerstone of Christianity: the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Once again, as in the past, for this week leading up to Easter 2014, I have some

More On Defeating Thoughts Of The Past

It’s Another Podcast!

landfillLast time I posted an article called, “How to Get Rid of Defeating Thoughts of the Past.” It was highlights of what I shared at The Phoenix Rescue Mission on March 29th.

This podcast is actually the teaching from that Saturday night at the Mission. Listen to this presentation about the greatest thing I know on how to get rid of defeating thoughts of the past, and, find out 5 things you can do every day that will

Veteran’s Day 2013

Happy Veteran’s Day To All Our Veterans!


Today I have some links from previous posts; videos, heartfelt messages, a great story about a high school teacher and more.

Enjoy these previous posts, but more importantly, thank a veteran today, and any other day you can too. I do!

Veteran’s Day 2012 (Video)

Veteran’s Day 2011

Veteran’s Day 2010 (Video)

Veteran’s Day 2009 (Video)

Go For It (Podcast)

A High School Teacher Imparts A Lesson

“THANK YOU” to all veterans, whenever you served, and wherever you served. I join many, many more Americans who are grateful for your service!

Mike Verdicchio

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