We Were Made To Thrive!

Posting this again ’cause it’s just a really cool and inspiring song.

It’s from the group, Casting Crowns, from their CD, Thrive

Turn it up and enjoy!


3 Words When He Died And 3 Words When He Arose

Right before he died, Jesus Christ exclaimed, “It is finished!”  After his resurrection, the angel declared, “He is risen.”

And, He's Coming Back!

And, He’s Coming Back!


What Jesus Endured Is Unimaginable

During this time of year we are mindful of the sufferings that Jesus Christ endured on our behalf.  We reflect on the price paid for the redemption of mankind.

In this short video (1:54) I point out three different versions of Isaiah 52:14, a verse that very graphically prophesied the extreme physical punishment that Jesus would endure for all of mankind.

The great message at Easter time is that Jesus Christ is alive!  God raised him from the dead to die no more.

And, he is coming back!

Enjoy the video.

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It’s Another Music Video!

Here’s a cool video I posted last August from the group, Casting Crowns, from their album, Lifesong, called, In Me.

It’s not by our own ability, but but the ability of Christ inside!

Turn it up and enjoy!


If Social Media Was Around Back Then....

I first posted this 5 years ago.  I thought it was pretty cool.

Even though Facebook’s appearance has changed since then, I still think it’s pretty cool.  What do you think?

Sometimes you just gotta leave it all behind. This is a cool video from the group, Casting Crowns, called, The Well.

It’s from their album,  Come To The Well.

I think it’s inspiriting – what do you think?  If you like it, share it!

Alan Jackson first performed this song, November 7, 2001, barely two months after 9/11, at the CMA Awards.  Ten years later, he talked about how he came to write the song.

For me, it’s just as inspiring today as it was 14 years ago.  Is it for you tooanim-waving-usa-flag

Choose Your Friends Wisely

Who are you hanging out with?

It’s Another Video

Since the kids are headed back to school, I thought this video would offer some good advice to start the new year.

I have two stories about choosing your friends. These stories just might be a little too dramatic for a 6 year old. But, I think they’re perfect for middle schoolers, and high schoolers, and college kids, and, and… well, you watch and decide.

Enjoy the video.

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Kick the Devil’s Butt?

It's Another Video!

I posted this short video (2:22) back in January of 2010.  (Be prepared, I had a beard back then!)

Some folks feel very compelled to try and point out everything they think the Devil is doing. But I would much rather focus my thoughts and expectations on what God is doing, and what He can do to bless our lives. In this short video (2:22), find out why it’s a really good idea to stop looking for the Devil.

Enjoy the video.

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