Focusing on Your God Instead of Your Problem

The topic of the very first article I posted on this blog is still very relevant. It was titled, “How Big is Your God?” That question is quite relevant every single day.

Whether we realize it or not, we direct most of our lives by our own perspective. And perspective has nothing to do with what happens to us, or what situation we are facing. Many situations we face are not a result of our decisions or choices. Our perspective, however, is our choice.

Last fall, a 40 year old pine tree was uprooted by a storm and came crashing into our home. I posted a picture of the disaster and wrote an article called “Guess What Happened To Me?” It was all about the perspective we chose in light of the situation we were facing.

In that article I wrote:

“Well I could moan and whine about how terrible all this is. Look at all the damage! Oh what a mess! This is just awful. I’m so stressed by all of this. And now all these workers are coming over, and all the noise and inconvenience. I’m too old for this. Why me? Oh the devil is just so mean. This is just so terrible.

No! No! No! I choose to think differently. Instead of being a victim, I have decided to be the project manager of our remodeling project. This company called Farmers is giving us some money, and we are going to do some remodeling around here!”

Our perspective is always our choice. Regardless of what we are facing, we always choose how we are going to think about the situation. And our thinking points us in the direction we will go, positive or negative.

Countless times in my life I have faced situations beyond my ability and resources. In facing those problems before I had a little understanding of God and the Bible, my focus mostly stayed on the problem; my perspective was how big the problem looked to me. The results mirrored my perspective; good solutions were very few and very far between.

Today, I know where my focus needs to go when faced with any problem. I don’t pretend the problem doesn’t exist, or ignore it, thinking it will just go away. Instead, I do my best to put my focus on God, who has unlimited resources; I choose look to Him for solutions.

The evidence in the Scriptures, in the lives of people I know, and even in my own life is overwhelming. When you put your trust in God, He is very able to deliver; He is very reliable. I choose to rely on His reliability.

Easier Said Than Done

I also know at times that’s easier said than done. In those times I stop and ask myself the question: How big is your God? Is there any problem we could ever have that God would look at and say, “Wow! That’s just too big and complicated for me; sorry I’m unable to help.” Of course not.

But sadly, for some, it seems to almost ease their pain by talking over and over about how big their problem is. Perhaps it’s because they are overwhelmed. At times some people look for sympathy. When I’m faced with a problem, the last thing I want from anyone is sympathy! It does not bring a solution.

Talking only about the problem over and over does not help either. And it so often leads to whining and complaining and eventually accepting and identifying yourself as a victim. Again, no solution.

The two biggest keys I know in looking to God for His help and solutions are, 1) He is more than able – nothing is too big or too hard for Him. And, 2) He is very willing. The Bible says nothing can separate us from His love, and He is a very present help in time of need.

How big is your God? Instead of focusing on the problem at hand, look to Him and trust Him. Expect an answer; expect a solution. Refuse to think otherwise until you get your answer and solution. Rely on His reliability.

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