How To Change Your Attitude!

Has anyone ever told you that you need to change your attitude?  I have been told that a few times in the past.  Honestly, at those times, they were absolutely right.

Do you realize how much your attitude affects your life?  Few do.  If they did, they would work a lot harder on their own thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Then they would on improving their skills, capabilities, and competence.

Lots of people work very hard at improving what they do; that’s a good thing.  We all need to continue to grow in our abilities in order to reach our potential. While some people work really hard on various skills, very few choose to improve their own attitude.

What is attitude?  For me, a simple definition of attitude is your consistent mental outlook. Basically, your attitude is either negative or positive.

Now when I say, “positive,” I am not talking about ignoring opportunities and problems and simply saying, “Everything is fine.”  That’s not being positive; that’s denial. And on the other hand, if something comes up that upsets you, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have a negative attitude.

What Kind Of Attitude Do You Have?

Here’s the question.  What is your consistent outlook, your projection, your desired result?  Recognizing what kind of dominant attitude you have is really quite easy.  However, changing from a negative to a positive attitude takes a little bit of effort and that effort can be life changing for you.

When negative or unpleasant things come across our path, and they always will, some look at them and say things like, “I knew that was going to happen;” or, “It figures,” or, “I never get a break.”  Consistently uttered, those, and similar comments, are evidence of a negative attitude.

Meanwhile, when positive and pleasant things come, those kind of people will feel like they are lucky, or, just “caught a break,” or perhaps feel like it’s about time something good came their way.  Again, this is evidence of a negative attitude.

On the other hand, some people encounter negative or unpleasant things and say things like, “What’s the solution here?” or, “How can we turn this around?” or, “What can I do to change this situation? That is evidence of a positive attitude.

And, when positive and pleasant things come across their path, they will say, “That’s what I thought would happen,” or, “That’s what I’ve been praying for,” or, “That is just what I was expecting.” Again, it is evidence of a positive attitude.

It Is Not Just About Changing What You Say

Changing from a negative attitude to a positive attitude is not just about changing what you say.  Those with a negative attitude don’t think of something negative to say, they just say it because it is part of them.  The same is true of people with a positive attitude, they too just say what they say because it is a part of who they are.

Attitude has more to do with vision, your outlook, your projection or your desired results.  You can call it goals or dreams, but either way, your attitude really is all about vision.

People who have no clear goals, who have given up on their dreams, have a lousy outlook on life.  They may hope that things for them will improve, but they know that is not going to happen. They tried and failed, again and again, only to finally give up and settle.

Being around people like that is not very inspiring, is it?  Their negative attitude doesn’t encourage anyone.

On the other hand, people with clearly defined goals know where they want to go. they know how to handle setbacks, disappointments and failures with confidence.  They refuse to quit; they look for another path; they choose to stay determined to get to their destination.

People like that are very inspiring, aren’t they?  Their positive attitude encourages many people. Wouldn’t you prefer being around people like that?

How To Change Your Attitude

First, think clearly about what you want for your life.  The Bible says that where there is no vision the people wander aimlessly. Focus on the details of your vision], and write them down so you can look at them consistently every day.

Second, refuse to quit, no matter what.  God has not only promised that He would give you the desires of your heart, but also that He would direct your steps and light your path. If you are sitting on the side of the road, there are no steps to direct and no path to lighten; get moving and refuse to quit.

Third, pay close attention to what you think and what you say.  The Bible says that death and life are in the power of the tongue.  Now that you have a clear projected destination, align your thinking and speaking to harmonize with your goal.

When you think or speak something negative or something that does not encourage and inspire you toward your goal, then consciously replace it with something that does.  Release and let go of defeating thoughts and words and replace them with empowering words of hope and expectation.

Can you see how changing from a negative attitude to a positive attitude can dramatically change your whole life?  In doing so, you become solution-oriented which greatly benefits all of your endeavors.  And, you will be inspiring and encouraging those around you.

Here’s a quote from John Maxwell that sums up attitude.  “There is very little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative.”

If you’re tired of trying, and tired of settling, change your attitude.

Mike Verdicchio

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6 thoughts on “How To Change Your Attitude!

  1. My husband and I really needed to be reminded of this! I do have a couple questions though. What do you do when you’ve prayed, believed, worked hard, done without life’s pleasures (vacations, and such), and given to the Kingdom, as well as to the needy (including the Jews)… and still have suffered financially for 32 years? I know this is going to sound “negative”, but I’m just being truthful here.

    No matter what we’ve tried to do to help ourselves… it seems like we get knocked down.. over, and over. We’ve even written down our goals, studied them, and prayed over them.. many times. It’s difficult to have faith when you’ve suffered the same setbacks for this many years, and have exhausted all you know to do.. both spiritually, and physically. What are we doing wrong?

    God Bless,

    • Sharon, being frustrated and wanting things to change is not negative. While there are highs and lows in all of life, there are some solid principles that you could apply, and I will share some of that with you in an email.
      A fundamental starting point, though, is that money is not evil, and God does not want His people to be poor. He has promised to supply in abundance, and we need to learn to tap into His unlimited supply.
      God bless you.

  2. Awesome post, Mike!

    I’m sharing this on my Facebook page~I know this will help a lot of people.

    Thank you so much for sharing this great insight on the differences between positive and negative attitudes, and how simple it is to change.

    Great stuff!


    • Chere, I’m glad you enjoyed the article. Isn’t it great that our attitude is in our control? God bless,

  3. Sharon, don’t give because you think GOD will reward you if you do, that’s the wrong reason to give. Give because you want to help people in your heart, because GOD knows what your heart wants, so no amount of giving will put you in his graces unless it’s from the heart.

  4. Paul, thanks for the comment – you are right – we don’t give grudgingly, or of necessity, but cheerfully, for God loves a cheerful giver. We give so that our gift will bless others. But we also need to be remember that as we give we are operating God’s great Law of Giving and Receiving, and as Paul said, we can expect fruit to abound to our account.