How To Receive More Of God’s Favor

In July of 2009, I posted an article to my site, Enriching Your Life Now.  I wanted to post it here today.  I think all of us would like to receive more of God’s grace, don’t you?

How To Receive More Of God’s Favor

I was teaching recently and asked the audience who they thought really deserved God’s favor.  I then told them to take a piece of paper sometime, and write down a list of people that they thought really ought to receive favor from God.

“If your name is not on that list,” I said, “Well, why not?”  “Why do you think that you really shouldn’t receive favor from God?” “Is it because of what you have done, or is it because of what you haven’t done?”

Who Really Deserves It?

When you stop and just think about it for a minute, who really deserves God’s favor?  Who could possible earn favor from God?  And yet the Scriptures are plain that God has freely extended His grace and favor.

If you are a fan of the Bible and you have read from the New Testament, then you have undoubtedly read many, many promises;  promises of health, prosperity, all your needs being met, help, and deliverance.  None of those promises come with stipulations, do they?  Are there certain rules and restrictions?  Of course not.

Those promises are God’s offer of His grace and favor.  He has freely extended His grace and favor.  We, on the other hand, so many times, object to His good favor.  Object?  Yes.  How?

We really would love to receive what God has promised, but something inside of us is saying, “You don’t deserve it.  You are not good enough.  You haven’t prayed long enough.  You haven’t done this; but you have done a lot of that.”

In other words, our feelings of unworthiness cause us to object to or reject the kind favor He is extending to us.  Instead of having arms out and palms up ready to receive His blessings, we push the blessings away.  We do this because we do not feel worthy.

Are We Really Imposing?

Have you ever offered something to someone and they responded by saying, “No thank you, I don’t want to impose?”  For example, inviting someone to dinner, who was indeed hungry, only to have them say that they didn’t want to impose upon your kind hospitality.  They objected because of how they feel about themselves.  They not only feel unworthy, but they also feel like they have not really earned a spot at your table.

When it comes to God’s favor and His grace and blessings, it has nothing to do with earning it.  It has nothing to do with being worthy of it.  It has nothing to do with earning it.

His grace and favor have been extended to us.  He is the One who made the promises.  He is the One who will keep His word.  He is the One who has extended Himself to us, regardless of our response.

No, you cannot earn His favor.  Neither can I.  No, you do not deserve His favor.  Neither do I.  But it has been extended to us.  We can accept it or reject it.

Here’s A Great Key

The first key in receiving more of God’s favor in your life is to accept and believe who God says that you are.  As a Christian, the Bible says that you are not only saved, but that you have been made righteous.  That simply means you are now right in His sight; you belong.

So, do you feel righteous?  Do you feel all right to be in His presence?  Or, do you feel ashamed and unworthy?  Do you feel guilty and condemned?

If you feel guilty and condemned or ashamed and unworthy, then just ask for forgiveness.  He will forgive you.  The Bible says that if our heart doesn’t condemn us, then we will have confidence toward God.

Another Key

The second key in receiving more of God’s favor is to simply expect it; anticipate it.  Believe you are who the Bible says that you are.  Stay convinced of God’s love for you. The Scriptures tell us that nothing can separate us from God’s love.

Anticipate, look for and expect God’s favor in your life and on your life.  And if you write down a list of people who you think really, really ought to receive God’s favor, make sure your name is at the top of the list.

Michael Verdicchio

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30 thoughts on “How To Receive More Of God’s Favor

  1. I dont know what i need to do ive changed so much in my life and god has worked on me. But im still going through trails that hurt and the pain is so real. I started listening to K-love and the power of god moves me but i cant find his favor. Or cant recevie his favor. Im lost at times and just cry out but i feel like no one even god is listening to me. Why do i feel like this and what should i do? I’ve been in and out of church and thought that i had found one just for me but it was a family church and i just felt out of place after awhile. It was in my home town and thought someone would say something about who i use to be not who im tryin to be. In the past two years i have lost alot of friends and family and now i feel lost and with none of Gods love to keep me. What sholud i do i know ppl say i cant do let God. How long shall i suffer how long o lord.

    • For starters, do listen to both recent podcasts on the love of God. The truth is that God loves His children unconditionally – It says in Romans that nothing can separate you from His love. You must begin to see yourself as God made you – not who you were, or who people think you should be, but what He made you – it is all because of the completed redemptive work of Christ for you.

  2. where effort cannot get to you, favor takes you there. thank God for His favor upon us daily. Thanks for this wonderful article.

  3. thanks for your encouraging article, however l beg to differ slightly. What l know we receive from God without any conditions is HIS GRACE and HIS MERCY . There is totally nothing we could do to have our LORD Jesus die for us . lt was sheer GRACE from Jehovah. And when we were supposed to get punishment for our sins , God showed mercy to us .
    HOWEVER l believe His favor is something else. Please check the following verses: (Job 33:26)
    (Proverbs 3:1-4) (Psalm 5:12)
    (Luke 2:52And Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.(1 Samuel 2:26
    See All…). You could also google: learn the bible

    • Enock, thanks for your comment.
      The word “favour” in the New Testament is the same Greek word that is translated, “grace.” In fact, it is only translated, “favour” 6 times, as opposed to it being translated, “grace,” 130 times.
      Biblically it means undeserved kindness.
      God can certainly extend His grace to whomever He chooses, whenever He chooses.
      He lovingly extends His grace, and His mercy, to those who accept Christ as lord and believe God raised him from the dead – by grace you are saved, and not of yourselves.
      If one chooses to walk with God and develop a personal relationship with Him, they certainly put themselves in a position to receive more of His grace or favor.

  4. I enjoyed the article. I would like to add a comment. Favor with God actually means many different things. As God is a Father and also ruler of the world and age to come. When he has declared that you shall be blessed, it may indicate that you shall enter into many trials. Being placed on the potters wheel is not a fun process. Clay must be broken before it can be formed. But God has a eternal objective, your position on the earth and in heaven shall be different. He is looking at the end game. And actually all people go through trials. But when you have biblical trials that is vastly different. Favor and Disfavor are both only for a set period of time. If your called to the ministry God may equip you via trials. Look at what the bible states of Christ. He was perfected by the things he suffered. How much more so for the redeemed of the Lord.

  5. Well some times it can be confusing to people one minute you are told not to be self righteous and the next you are told to be humble but then you are told to expect God to give you favors or more grace.Some people are told by others they will never see gods righteousness because of their belief system or the church they go to but I think no church is all right there is a sinner in most of them even the leaders.How do you know who is telling you the truth or not because the scriptures tell you one thing then another?

    • Nancy,
      You are so right!
      You can certainly hear different opinions from many sources.
      I do know this after many years of study of the Scriptures: if it’s God’s Word, then it cannot contradict itself, i.e. say one thing then another.
      The confusion or contradiction can only come from our understanding.
      Rightly understanding the Scriptures will give us the Truth without any contradictions.
      When there seems to be a conflict, then it is up to us to do some serious investigating which includes, but not limited to, translation as well as Bible customs and idioms.
      God bless you,

  6. @Chifton, or anyone else !! Pray Lord increase my favor! Give me crazy favor!! Also pray Lord stir me for you! Make me more hungry for u!! Make me more sensitive to you!! To your spirit! ! To ur persence ! Give me crazy faith!!