Penguins On The Plane

I have never heard of this.  In fact, I have never even thought of this.  But it happened on a flight from San Diego to Phoenix.

Yesterday morning I picked up Chris, an employee of the company I work for, around 9:30.  As I was driving him to the office, I casually asked about the flight.  I couldn’t believe his answer.

He said, “There were penguins on the plane!”  “Are you kidding me?” I asked.  “Dude, they were walking down the isle, he said.

“No way,” I said in total disbelief.  “Check this out,” he said excitedly pulling out his smart phone.  “I got pictures!”

I glanced at the picture on his phone and just could not believe it.

Yes, there were indeed penguins on the plane, in the cabin, on his flight.

The birds were being transported from the San Diego Zoo to the Phoenix Zoo.

The flight attendants thought it would be fun for the passengers to see the penguins, so they took them out of their cages for a few minutes.  Then, it was back in the cages which were setting in the extra space in row 1.  Yes, of course it was Southwest Airlines.

Have You?

Have you ever seen penguins on the plane?  Have you ever even expected to see penguins on a plane? I have flown a lot in my lifetime and have seen a lot of interesting things, but never have I seen any penguins on the plane.

In fact, I have never even thought about penguins on a plane.

Later in the afternoon I started thinking about the times when God did something very special for me in my life; something that I just didn’t expect. Has God ever surprised you?

And then I thought about the verse in the Bible that says that God is able to that which is exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think.

Now of course I know that God did not put the penguins on the plane to surprise everyone.  That’s silly.  But I think it serves as a pretty cool reminder that there are things that God is able to do for us that we haven’t even thought of.

Never forget that God really does love you.  You are His child.  And He has promised us that He really is able to do that which is exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think.

Michael A. Verdicchio

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