Life with no pressure?  Not hardly.  There will always be pressure of some kind; it is part of life.

How do you deal with pressure?  I have seen some people allow pressure to really stress them out.  They worry, expect the worse, and just mentally tie themselves in knots. Many times their prayers are prayers of desperation, not expectation.

Have you ever been there before?  I have.  It doesn’t work very well, does it?

Then there are those who put all their focus and attention on a solution. They are bound and determined that come hell or high water they will figure it all out by themselves.  Maybe not even conscious about it, they simply God out of the equation.

And there are those who say and think that it is all in “God’s hands” and He just has to take care of it because He promised to supply all that we need.  Those people sit and wait for God to do something while they take no action.

Where Is The Balance?

Yes, it is true that God has promised to supply all that we need.  Yes, He has promised to not only supply what we need, but to supply it in abundance.  But does that mean that we simply do nothing and wait for that supply to just drop out of the sky?  You’re going to get a stiff neck doing that!

Remember when Jesus was teaching and he used the example of birds?  He said that the birds didn’t sow or gather into barns, but instead, they were fed by our heavenly Father.

Now some may say, “See, God takes care of it all; we just need to wait for Him to do it.”

Well, just how does God feed the birds?  Does He open their little beaks each morning and drop a fresh worm down their throat?  No. He does it trough the wonderful food chain that He has provided. But guess what?  It is up to the birds to leave the nest and go out and get their worms.

Jesus Christ then went on to say that we are better than the birds. That’s really quite a statement, isn’t it?  If God provides for the birds then He will certainly provide for us as well.

The balance is first recognizing that God is the One Who gives and provides.  We become absolutely confident in His promises to provide abundance for us as He has promised.  And then, we take whatever action we can, so that we can receive the abundance that he has provided and promised. In other words, we get out of the nest and go get our worms!

I choose to take responsibility for my life by taking responsibility for my actions.  And since God has promised that He will provide, I will pray, look for, and expect to find and receive His gracious provision.  My complete trust is in my God.  How about you?

Mike Verdicchio

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2 thoughts on “Pressure

  1. I love your articles. Haven’t been commenting much because I usually read them on RSS. But please keep it coming. Your content is life-changing.

  2. Thanks, Mike; we all face pressure from time to time. Also, RSS and those receiving recent posts via email, to leave a comment on the blog, you have to simply click on the title of the post, and then scroll down to the comment section.