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This morning during my exercise time, I was of course more aware of my body, as I’m sure most people are when they are in that mode.  Like a lot of folks, I know I need a little more consistency in this area of my life.  As I get older it becomes more obvious to me.

But with Easter still fresh in my mind, I began thinking about the resurrected body of Jesus Christ.  All we really know about it is what we can read in the scriptures.  But what we read is remarkable, fascinating, and downright mind blowing.

First, consider that he is the only person ever raised from the dead to die no more.  Through the centuries, even in our modern times, there have been people who have died and then been raised back to life.   But no one has ever been raised from the dead to die no more, except Jesus Christ.

What must that be like?  To be alive and know that death no longer has any power over you, period.  To know and see the evidence that you will live forever is absolutely awesome.

So what insight is there in the scriptures about the resurrected body Christ now lives in?  He appeared to two men on the road to Emmaus and they didn’t recognize him until he allowed them to.  In other words, he could, and he did, change his appearance so that he would not be recognized.

How do you do that?  This is not talking about a wig and false mustache!  He appeared unto those two guys in another form.

In another appearance, as the disciples were afraid behind closed doors, and understandably so, Jesus was just suddenly standing there!  There was no knock on the door; no one let him in!  He just appeared there.

Now how do you do that?  What kind of power does he have in his resurrected body?  Even after his ascension he made appearances on earth; we know he appeared to Stephen and Saul, at least.

On that Sunday, standing there in his resurrected body, his disciples were a bit perplexed and afraid; wouldn’t you have been?  To calm them down and assure them he was not a spirit being, Jesus encouraged them to touch him.  He told them a spirit “does not have flesh and bones as you see me have.”

So his resurrected body was not a spirit being, but it was made up of flesh and bones.  And then Jesus asked them for food and he ate in front of them so they could see that he was not a spirit being.

We know that for 40 days after the resurrection he walked the earth, teaching and showing them he was alive by many infallible proofs. Then the apostles saw something breathtakingly awesome.

They watched Jesus Christ float up into the sky and then out of their sight.  And when then could see him no longer, they did what you and I would have done, they kept looking.  An angel came and told them he would some day come back in the same manner in which he left.

As they watched he got so high from earth they could no longer see him.  So how do you do that one?  His resurrected body didn’t need protection as he ascended far above the earth!

I don’t know about you, but I think what little there is recorded in the Bible about the resurrected body of Jesus Christ is absolutely mind blowing.  That is the body that God designed for His Son when He raised him from the dead, and that’s the body he lives in even to this day.

There’s some really great and exciting news for you and me.  Jesus Christ is coming back some day, and the Bible says we will meet him in the air.  But we’re not going to meet him in the air with the bodies we have now; at that moment there is going to be a big change.

Those who have died and corrupted will be raised, incorruptible, and those who are alive will be changed from mortal to immortal.  We certainly cannot meet him in the air in the bodies we have now.  We need new bodies.

Every born again believer, whether alive or dead, gets a new body when Christ returns.  And the Bible says that you and I will receive a body that is fashioned like Jesus Christ’s glorious body!  That means we too will have a resurrected body, like his resurrected body!

Today, I’m trying to do my best to take care of my present body, as I should, but sometimes I don’t always do my best.  And I know if the lord tarries this body I have now will eventually wear out.  But I know what is in store for me at the return of Christ.  A new body, fashioned like his resurrected body!

Mike Verdicchio

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