Too Much Stress?

It’s Another Podcast!

These days it seems more and more people are trying to deal with more and more stress.  Stress is not healthy, mentally and physically.

Discover in this short podcast (8:50) a great key in reducing the stress in your life.

Enjoy the podcast!

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2 thoughts on “Too Much Stress?

  1. This was so close to home it’s not funny. I’ve had three jobs in a year where I did my best, went above and beyond and found that while the customers responded to me very well for the most part…I had difficulty working for men in positions of authority. They seemed to take issue with me on things that I consider fluff. In my latest job, among other ridiculous things, I was told I make my initials too big and they surmised that it means I have illusions of grandeur. It’s nothing compared to being under the threat of extinction though so I am reproved.

  2. Initials too big? Wow!
    Yes, Jeannie, we all put up with lots of things, but we can still do what they deem necessary and remain grateful for employment. We just continue to do our best, pray the company we work for, and remember that we are hired to help the company make money.
    Daniel is certainly an inspiration isn’t he!
    God bless you,