Born Again American

It’s Another Video!

A friend of mine sent me the link to this video, and I think it’s pretty cool.  16 performers and two choruses in 14 locations around the USA.  I thought the video was very well produced and carries a very positive message. Watch it and if you have any comments, please type them in below.

How This Video Came About

The video is the product of Declare Yourself.  The founder,  Norman Lear (TV producer and philanthropist), was talking with Academy Award-winning songwriter Keith Carradine one night, and the Born Again American video was born.  There is more information, including the lyrics to the song on their web site.

Enjoy the video.

[If you cannot see the player below, then just click the title above]

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7 thoughts on “Born Again American

  1. Hi Mike, this one grabs your heart. I enjoyed it very much. You really work hard at keeping your site meaningful and with a good message. Mike, I’ve never gotten that book, Nine keys to Answered Prayer…can you tell me the price so I can order it? Or send it with a statement and I will send a check.
    Rosie West

  2. It’s not in my nature to express negativity as I as am optimistic as they come. I believe that hard work and effort will “eventually” be rewarded. I say “eventually” because I have been working on reinventing myself for the last seven years after a layoff in 2002, from a 30 year career. It’s taken almost everything I have, in both money and time. But I don’t blame anyone else but myself for my failures. If nothing else, “failure” is one of the best teaching tools we have. Failure is not unfair. Failure at something does not define who you are, Failure is merely an event.

    This is why the video lost me at the lyrics, “Not since the crash of ’29 have things been so unfair”. Today is NOTHING like the crash of 29. Nothing! And one of the things America is not, is unfair. It’s our land. We run it. We’ve let it happen.

    Granted, greed has brought down America, but it’s been greed from all factions. How many people that weren’t greedy CEO’s lied on mortgage applications about their wages so they could get into houses they couldn’t afford. Sure, the argument goes, “Well the mortgage broker told me to lie. He could still get it approved”. And Satan told Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. It would make her just like God. But in the end, who is REALLY at fault. Not Satan and not the broker. People want to live beyond their means and be their own gods.

    Homes have been vacated by the tens of thousands by people who couldn’t afford the payments they claimed they were tricked into signing up for. They weren’t tricked. They saw something knew they couldn’t’ have but as long as someone said they could, just like Eve, they went for it. Now we all pay for it on both counts.

    America is in the shape it’s in, because people would rather watch their Flat Screens in their spare time, than get out and do something about it.

    It is said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”. How long will the good people, who call themselves the, “Silent Majority” remain silent.

  3. hi Rosie,
    Thanks for the comment.
    The book is free when you subscribe for free to this blog. You must have missed the download instructions. I’ll send you an email.
    God bless you,

  4. Hi Rick,
    Thanks for leaving a comment and speaking your mind. I really do like for people to comment on what is on their mind. You made some good points about greed.
    And I agree with you about that lyric, “unfair” – I didn’t like that either. I might have written it, “Not since ’29 have people been so scared.” The next line is pretty accurate, “many of our citizens are living in despair.”
    Overall I thought it was an inspiring video; perhaps a wake up call to some: A turning back to God, and, standing up for what this country was founded on. That’s why I also liked the connection with the Bible and the Bill of Rights.
    Thanks again for commenting!
    God bless you,

  5. Dear Mike–
    FANTASTIC-INSPIRING-DIGNIFIED were all words that came to mind as I viewed this video. I thought it was a great collaboration of many parts of the body of Christ to produce something significant. I liked it very much. Thanks for posting it. Karen

  6. Hi Karen,
    Thanks for leaving a comment.
    I am glad you liked it and that it inspired you.
    God bless you,