Is Your Attitude Really That Important?

CJ-logo-light-for darkWhen our kids were growing up, we told them many times, “You need to change your attitude.”  Why?  Because attitude is a game changer.

What is your attitude about the direction of your life? How do you feel about your life today, right now? For most people, if things are going well, their attitude is good. But when things are not going well, their attitude is lousy.

Much has been written and taught about attitude, and you’ve probably heard different things over the years. Someone once said, “Our attitude determines our altitude.” Your attitude really does make all the difference.

Bad Times And Feeling Low

It seems for most people, during difficult times, their attitude becomes pretty low; it bottoms out. How can you possibly have a good attitude when things are lousy in your life? How in the world can you stay positive and happy when you are trying to deal with so much pressure?

Have you ever noticed that when things in your life are going really well you don’t need to work on having a better attitude, do you? Life is great, things are going well, and your attitude is just terrific. But in facing adversities our attitude slips, doesn’t it?

But here’s a great key: Most people wait for things to get better before they change their attitude. But the fact is, attitude has a direct correlation in how long their adversity will last. Our attitude can either be an asset or a liability, a help or a hindrance, a friend or an enemy.

Because of the way God designed our minds to work and function, our own attitude can be one of our greatest assets, or one of our greatest liabilities. The choice is ours. We really can change our attitude, regardless of our circumstances.

To discover if you need an attitude adjustment, think about how you think, act, and talk when things are going really well. Now, if you are going through some difficult times, what are you thinking, how are you acting, and what are you saying? Is there a difference?

Is Attitude Really That Big Of A Deal?

Attitude is defined as our disposition, our emotions, our mood, or how we feel. Our disposition, emotions, mood, and feelings are a product of our thoughts. And I’ve heard people say things before like, “Oh, I’ve tried that being positive stuff; it doesn’t work for me.”  You really can change your attitude.

John Maxwell has often said, “Attitude isn’t everything, but it’s the main thing that makes a difference in a person’s life.” Will your attitude turn the global economy around? No. But always remember that it’s not what happens to us, but what happens in us, that determines the outcome in our own lives.

We many times can’t control things that happen to us. But can absolutely control what’s going inside us. We can choose the thoughts we think, which will evoke emotions, which then fuel the actions we take, or don’t take.

In difficult times, work harder at being much more selective of the thoughts you choose to entertain. You can look at your present situation and declare that you are in this mess because of something.  Or, you can look at your present situation and declare that you will absolutely succeed in spite of everything.

An Awesome Advantage

And here’s the really good news. Saint and sinner alike can utilize the way God designed the brain to work and get results. But we who are Christians, knowing that God is our Father, have a great advantage. We can pray and ask for His help and His guidance.

God won’t make us think the right thoughts. But when we choose to do just that, we can certainly be anticipating His help and solutions regardless of the circumstance or the odds.

Is your attitude an asset for you right now, or is it a liability? If the latter, then stop and make some mental changes right away. The Bible says to guard your heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life. Each one of us determines whether our attitude is an asset or a liability, a help or a hindrance, a friend or an enemy.

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8 thoughts on “CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE!

  1. My husband and I will be sitting at the breakfast table…looking at each other…and say…, I’m SURE GLAD THAT CHRIST IS COMING BACK FOR US!!! And We ARE *VERY HAPPY* ABOUT THAT!!! GOD’S PROMISES ***HAVE ALWAYS*** COME TRUE![ BUT…UNTIL THEN, WE HAVE A WONDERFUL JOB TO DO! AND THAT IS TO *WIN* OTHERS TO THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, SO THEY CAN ENJOY ETERNAL LIFE, AND GOD’S NEW HEAVEN, AND NEW EARTH with US, TOO!!! [1 THESSALONIANS 4:13-18…and in verse 14], “For if WE BELIEVE that JESUS DIED and ROSE AGAIN, EVEN SO THEM* which “sleep IN JESUS”[the “born-again” Christians, will God.* bring* with HIM. [GOD, who is OUR HEAVENLY FATHER, is ALSO the GOD, and FATHER of OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST! READ IT, IN:[2 Corinthians 1:3; Ephesians 1:3- will raise THEM from the grave, TOO![Romans 10:9, and 10,”That if thou shalt CONFESS with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt BELIEVE in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.”

  2. Dear Mike !
    God bless you !!!! This is the third time I have started this comment…something screwy with computer so I guess my attitude for the day may as well continue with things going wrong… NO a hundred times NO, I tell myself. Start again, get peaceful and go to God and our Lord Jesus Christ. No other way I know to change a rotten attitude. Sometimes I have even physically fallen out of bed…nice way to start the day 🙂 But then I think to my self would our Lord Jesus Christ wake up with the attitude of I hope this day doesn’t suck…I don’t think so….my I remember that attitude is so important; thank you for your kind remembrance and sharing it, I need it the whole day through….. My Mum brought the five of us up on “it isn’t necessarily what you are saying , but how you are saying it”…”go to your room until you change your attitude” ! “The largest room in the world is what?” and we would all chime in “The room for improvement”. 🙂 So thank you again, Mike !!! Sure do love you and your heart giving posts to help us along the way with God !! xoxo Don’t let pain make you angry, Carol, change your attitude I tell myself…and that around me will change as well…we are all in control of our own thoughts. xoxo Prayers and hugs to you and Kathy always !!!! 🙂

  3. You sent this out in April…just now reading it. How apropos!

    The literal crap hit the fan this month! No rent money, no income, ran out of money, etc. etc. Haven’t had fellowship in quite some time. Started using drugs again…my default mode when I go to my bad place! Actually though I started using drugs a bit ago. I just ran out of drug money and am not willing to do the things people are willing to do to get theirs. A brother demonstrated that with 12 years behind bars…no thank you!

    And Hallelujah! It’s the thing I needed to walk into to get to the other side. I’m getting victory over my traumatic/abusive childhood for the first time…and I mean full deliverance! Not that worldly view of “dealing with it” crap. Oh no – this is the victory!

    I probably didn’t have to go this far down the rabbit hole to get help…but as I said…my default mode is to get stoned and leave God on the shelf. And He knew – oh He knew and He bought just the right people into my life. I’m not blaming Him for what happened or how I got to where I am currently – He is LIGHT and in Him is no darkness at all…oh no – we know the source of darkness!

    And the running out of money was just the key for me to realize it was time. It was time to stop my default mode and get on with working with God! And He is doing wonders!!

    The money’s still tight…the apartment complex is working with me on not getting evicted. But most of all I’ve been given some scriptural guidance that is getting me to see my part in my abuse/violent background. No – not that it was my fault, it never is. A four-year old child doesn’t know…but the rebellious child that started getting beat at a young age has kept that rebellious nature throughout his life and THAT is what has caused a rift between me and our Heavenly Father.

    And through Jesus Christ’s precious blood…the eyes of my understanding are finally opening to His greatness and what He accomplished on the cross and what God wrought in Christ when He raised Him from the dead!

    Oh my gosh!!! And by any measure of attitude – mine should be really down…but nothing further from the truth. The doors He is opening are showing me just how much He cares. He’s gently guiding me now…not sure that that rebellious nature is completely tamed but after 61 years of living I can see a change that has never existed ever – EVER in my life.

    The victory was won at the cross and resurrection. I’m now going with Him this time.

    Praise God!

    • Matthew, I heard a line from a song: how far is the east from the west? One scarred hand to the other! Because of Christ, we can have victory!
      Accept God’s forgiveness and allow Him to restore you. Our God is a good and kind and loving God. God bless you.