Is Today Really A New Day?

We frequently refer to the day at hand as a new day. We wake up in the morning, open our eyes, and realize it is a new day. But what is really “new” about it?

When you awake after a night’s rest, all your problems and challenges have not magically disappeared, have they? The unresolved circumstances you faced yesterday are still unresolved. Your income is still the same as it was the day before. So, what makes this a “new” day?

Have you ever thought about the attitude you choose to adopt upon starting another day? Many begin their day accepting just another day of the same old same old. In other words, they start their day expecting nothing in life to change for the better and hoping nothing gets any worse.

But some choose to greet the new day anticipating and expecting new possibilities. They remind themselves of God’s promises and pray and ask Him for His help. They start their day with confidence and trust in God.

While one group goes through the day, just trying to get by and survive, the other group is looking, anticipating and expecting blessings from above. Some believe nothing will ever change for the better. Others know and believe that with God, all things are possible.

So why not go through each day looking for, anticipating and expecting God’s blessings? Something that hinders people from expecting the best is their past, what happened yesterday, and the day before, and the day before. Because of feelings of guilt, sin consciousness and unworthiness, they greet each new day with little anticipation.

But here’s a great key. At the end of the day, before you go to sleep, open your heart and talk to God. Accept His forgiveness if you fell short and missed the mark. His forgiveness to you is not based on how sorry you are. His forgiveness is extended to you because Christ paid the price for all sins.

Accept His forgiveness. Then, forgive anyone you need to forgive. Let go and release the events of the day, and pray for a good night’s sleep. As you dose off, begin to anticipate waking up to a new day, with new possibilities.

Each morning when you awake, your unresolved issues may still be unresolved, but the promises to you in the Bible are still there; they have not changed. The promises of God to you are brand new with each new day. Each morning, remind yourself of His promises. Pray and ask Him for His help. Start your day with confidence and trust in God.

Then, go out and live the new day to the fullest, to the best of your ability, anticipating and expecting His blessings. Yesterday is gone. Today really can be a new day.

Mike Verdicchio

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