How To Live Your Life To The Fullest

Guess who has a perfect life with no troubles, challenges, or setbacks? Right. No one.

You and I both know living life “without a care in the world” is not reality. We all face challenges, limitations, or setbacks.

And of course no matter what one faces in life, there’s always someone around to remind us, “It could be worse.” Well of course it could be worse; it could always be worse. But that’s not my point.

I wake up every morning and realize, once again, I’m alive! Life is a gift. In fact, it’s really an awesome and very precious gift in spite of the challenges, limitations and setbacks.

There are people I know who carry burdens I don’t think I could ever bear. Those people inspire me, not because I don’t carry those burdens, but because of what they do despite those challenges.

If You’re Alive, You Have A Choice

Every person has a choice each day: live the life you have today to the fullest, the best you can.

There are circumstances in our lives we can change. Many times there are burdens we can eliminate or diminish. It may take effort; in some cases, a lot of effort. But the results will be leaving behind a defeated position of, “Well, that’s just the way I am.”

On the other hand, there may be other issues beyond our ability to change. And yet, life, even with limitations and struggles, is still life. Solomon, in the book of Ecclesiastes said that a living dog is better than a dead lion! Gee, that’s awfully blunt, isn’t it? Yes, but true.

We can choose to live the life we have right now to the fullest, regardless. We can choose to work on changing what we can change. And we can choose to pray and ask God for His help in situations where we lack ability and resources.

There Is One Place…

The only reason we can choose to do those things is because we are alive! Solomon went on to say there is one place everyone is going, both the righteous and the wicked: the grave! Very blunt.

He goes on to say the life you have is your portion, so live it to the best of your ability, right now. There will be no work, no praise, no thinking, nothing when we go to the grave, so live your life today, to the fullest, to the best of your ability.

Refuse to allow challenges, limitations and setbacks to dictate your happiness. Close the door to your past, lock it, and throw away the key. Life truly is an awesome and very precious gift!

A Recipe For Living Your Life Now:

  • Give God the love and praise He deserves.
  • Thank God for what you have.
  • Trust God for what you need.
  • Ask God to teach you, guide you, and, direct you.
  • Give to others.
  • Pray for others.
  • Laugh as much as you can.
  • Magnify positives.
  • Dismiss negatives.
  • Greet each new day with enthusiasm; you’re alive!

Live your life today to the fullest, the best you can, regardless!

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