A Shutdown?

I believe that our God is a personal God.  I believe that He can help each one of us personally and individually.  I believe that God can reveal specific things to us that are just for us.  Do you?

Knowing that our God is a personal God was the reason behind the content in yesterday’s article in, “The Pep Letter.”  The economic crisis in our country is not a joke.  Our leaders really do need to make some very sound decisions; would you agree?

And not only are there problems here in my country, but there are problems around the world.  I was blessed to get several emails from those who read yesterday’s article.  Here is one that I received:

Thanks so much for this.

It come as a right time. My country (Nigeria) is election period and everybody is looking for the quality to vote for. Hoping so much in our leader for a better Nigeria. It is big relive for me now, that while praying for our leader, all my hope and trust should be in God.


I decided that I would post that article here on the blog.  Yes there is some history in it to consider.  Yes, there is a reminder to pray for our leaders.  But most importantly there is a reminder to look to God and trust Him completely.

A Shutdown?

I got up Saturday morning and checked to see if my government had been shut down.  It hadn’t.  Of course, the current economic situation should have been handled by the politicians last fall, but it was not because midterm elections were coming up, and everyone wanted to be re-elected.

Our confidence, our absolute reliance must always be in our God.  Regardless of what politicians do, regardless of what the consequences of their decisions bring, none of it ever shuts down God.

There are some who liken the discontent in the United States today with the discontent in the 1700’s, which led to the American Revolution.  While people today may indeed be tired of an oppressive, controlling and arrogant government, like the people were before the Declaration of Independence, there are some important differences.

The men we refer to as our “Founding Fathers” were men of exceptional talents and abilities.  When you think of the minds of Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, Madison, and others, all converging at the same time, in the same place on this earth, it is nothing less than astounding.  Many people, including myself, see that as divine favor from God.

Yes, I know there are those who find faults and criticize these men.  But who can deny what they accomplished?  The Declaration of Independence, as well as the Constitution, rooted in biblical principles, both have stood the test of time.

It is remarkable to look at how drastically different elected officiald serving today are than their predecessors.  When the United States first started, those who were elected to serve the people did so at their own expense, even paying for their own food and housing.  They came in, took care of the people’s business, and then returned back to their own business.

But you and I know, things changed a long time ago.  In fact, it is very accurate to say that things have changed drastically.  What was once a brief period of time to serve your country has turned into a lifetime career; something the founding fathers never wanted for this country.

Once, those who served gave of their own time, being away from their own business or occupation. Politics today however, is a big business of its own.  Imagine what the founding fathers would think today of lawmakers not only spending the country into trillions of dollars of debt, but granting themselves a raise whenever they feel like it.

Recently, as the two major political parties in the United States tried to figure out where to cut spending so that the United States government would not shut down, it got ugly and downright sickening. How could they justify saying some of the things they said?  How could some of the lawmakers even consider stopping pay for our military, but not their own pay, should the government have to shut down?

Why were those politicians not in immediate and total agreement that if the government did in fact shut down, their own pay would stop?  It’s no wonder people are frustrated.  It’s no wonder people are angry.

Keep in mind that back in the 1700’s, the cry for independence was not just about having independence. The Declaration of Independence was the result of the collective anger of the colonists.  They were frustrated, angry and fed up, and what followed was the American Revolution.

Over the course of history there have been times when countries faced great economic crisis that led to major leadership changes.  When the Chinese economy collapsed, Mao took over.  The same is true for France with Napoleon, and, for Germany with Hitler.  Those changes were disasters for the people of those nations.

But, when this country, ill treated by England, resisted to the point of revolution, it was divine favor that we had men of tremendous caliber who worked together to form this great nation. They did not always agree.  But I shudder to imagine what would happen if the leaders we have today were faced with the same situation.

However, the Bible directs us to pray for our leaders, and that we should do, regardless of what country we live in.  We can pray for them to make the right decisions for our country, and not just for their re-election.  Yes, by all means, our leaders do need our prayers.

But our trust, our confidence, our absolute reliance must always be in our God.  Regardless of what politicians do, regardless of what the consequences of their decisions bring, none of it ever shuts down God.  There will never, ever be a shutdown of God’s love and power to help you.

Michael Verdicchio

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